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The Woman Hater

play • laugh-out-loud • romantic • Romantic era • witty
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Frances Burney’s rarely seen 18th century proto-feminist satire is a hilarious story of broken engagements, excessive romanticism - and one massively misguided misogynist. ​ ​Sir Roderick has turned frantic misogynist for two reasons: he was jilted 17 years previously and his sister had the gall to marry his ex-fiancee's brother. Burney's outrageously witty comedy of manners bursts into life with the introduction of the former fiancee, Lady Smatter, who has turned into a voracious and addle-brained bookworm. With its unforgettable characters and delicious absurdity, The Woman Hater is a lost comic treat. As directed by Everett Quinton (Red Bull’s The Mystery of Irma Vep and the Ridiculous Theatrical Company), it’s sure to be a doubly sweet one.

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