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The Merthyr Stigmatist

coming-of-age • community • faith & spirituality • identity • self-doubt
  • Filmed Performance
  • Sherman Theatre
  • Digital Ticket
The Merthyr Stigmatist - Sherman Theatre | Thespie

Is something incredible happening in Merthyr? Carys, a sixteen-year-old school student claims to have received the stigmata: Christ’s wounds from the Cross. Are her wounds a sign from God? Carys thinks so, she wants to tell the world and demands to be heard. Sian, Carys’s teacher is not so sure. Filled with doubt, Sian believes silencing Carys will keep her safe, but can she make sense of what is happening to her young pupil? The Merthyr Stigmatist is an exhilarating contemporary drama and a hymn to community and the power of young people.

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