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Days of Re-Creation

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Days of Re-Creation - Live & In Color | Thespie

We are living in a time of incredible upheaval. Our daily lives are unrecognizable from a year ago. As a country we are undergoing a deep reexamination of the institutions that surround us. Each day it feels like we are recreating ourselves as individuals and rebuilding in new and better ways what has been corroded or purposefully torn down. 2020 will be seen as a pivotal year in the history of mankind. While it is a year full of fear, exhaustion, conflict, and death, it also has the potential to be a year of revolution, rebirth, and re-creation. This seven-part series of short plays is a contemporary re-imagining of the Book of Genesis, directed by Andréa Burns, Devanand Janki, Alan Muraoka, and more. Spearheading the talent are a diverse group of playwrights who were tasked with creating each biblically inspired segment.

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