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What Do We Need To Talk About?

experimental • play • family • heartfelt
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What Do We Need To Talk About? - YouTube | Thespie

What Do We Need To Talk About? features the return of the Apple Family performing from their homes. For the past 10 years, The Public has been presenting Richard Nelson’s minimalist epic, The Rhinebeck Panorama, which includes The Apple Family Plays, The Gabriels, and The Michaels. Now, The Apple Family return, though not over the dinner table, but via Zoom. This hour-long play picks up with them during their now suspended and quarantined lives. They talk about grocery shopping, friends lost, new ventures on a hoped-for horizon—all at a time when human conversation (and theatre) may be more needed than ever before. Please consider making a donation on The Public Theatre's website.

  • Duration
    1 hour 9 minutes

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