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Rubix Control

immersive • interactive • mystery • science fiction • space • suspenseful • Virtual Video Event
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  • Seize The Show Website
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Rubix Control - Seize The Show Website | Thespie

What a time to be alive! Finally, an intergalactic cruise called The Rubix has launched and is on its way to civilize Mars! With a loyal captain and a team of five "space settlers," this new maiden voyage promises to be one for the history books. Unfortunately, you are an unpaid IT intern back on Earth. But when the ship goes off course and loses connection with Mission Control, they turn to you! This is your moment! You must reprogram the AI and bring the mission to safety. But it won't be easy. The Rubix is a twisting and turning modular ship, whose layout changes every few minutes, and there’s a saboteur in your midst, who you must identify before the clock runs out. This thrilling new Seize the Show experience is unlike any virtual escape room and built for multiple re-visits, with a live cast of five actors cheering you on and tripping you up. Get your tickets now - limited to only 50 per performance - for a new kind of escape room adventure at Rubix Control.

  • Age guidance
    Suitable for all ages
  • Duration
    1 hour maximum

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