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Women's Day on Broadway 2021

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Women's Day on Broadway 2021 - Women of Broadway Website | Thespie

All gender identities and expressions are invited to join this two hour virtual event focusing on gender equality in the theatre industry and beyond. This year’s program aims to inspire attendees to drive change, make an impact and keep moving forward in this unprecedented and challenging time. Following its launch in 2018, this year's event coincides with the one-year mark since Broadway's shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year's event, themed "Reflecting Courageously, Transforming Collectively" will continue to engage attendees of all gender identities and expressions in a two-hour virtual event, featuring two substantive conversation sessions entitled "Broadway's Moms: How Life Goes on When the Show Doesn’t” and “Broadway’s Second Act: A Conversation about Moving Beyond Intention.”

  • Duration
    2 hours

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