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In a Nutshell

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In a Nutshell - YouTube | Thespie

The Rural Touring Dance Initiative and The Place Online presents the award-winning Lost Dog’s brand new short film, In a Nutshell. Originally conceived in the early days of the pandemic when it was unimaginable, Lost Dog’s single-shot short film In a Nutshell envisages a world in which theatres will never open again. Sitting alone in an empty auditorium, a man explains to an unseen future generation, what live theatre was – reliving moments that had been particularly powerful to him personally and lamenting the loss of real-life connections in a world where nobody is allowed near one another. With his unique blend of melancholia and self-deprecating humour, Lost Dog’s Ben Duke touches on themes of loneliness and isolation, the loss of human connections, and in particular the temporary community of strangers that make up a theatre audience. Half eulogy, half lecture, In a Nutshell questions what is real in life, if we cannot share it together in real life.

  • Duration
    16 minutes

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