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Contestants! Please go to the Di(e)ary Room

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Contestants! Please go to the Di(e)ary Room - DesignMyNight | Thespie

It's 2000 and the brand new reality show "We're Watching You' is just about to reach it's climatic finale! Kim Kingston is ready to announce the winner and the final contestants have now assembled....well almost all of them, Dan Harrington hasn't turned up..... This is an interactive murder mystery event that uses ZOOM as a way of video conferencing - the app must be downloaded and working before the event begins. You will be sent a link at least 30 minutes before the event via email and need to access the Zoom Meeting 10 minutes before your event. Come and join Play Dead London for their third e-murder mystery that you can enjoy from your own living rooms!

  • Age guidance
  • Duration
    2 hours

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