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On The Verge: Risk Assessment

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  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
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On The Verge: Risk Assessment - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland | Thespie

What happens in the shadows of women’s hearts, bodies, minds, Zoom meetings? What happens in the places women dwell—train cars, board rooms, taxis, streets, homes, clinics, kitchens, bedrooms? And how do we manage the risks? Four women interwoven by the art of truth-telling begin asking questions of themselves and each other, realizing as their stories converge the risks inherent in identifying as women in the world. Women whose ancestors arise from Peru, Ghana, Norway, England and India. Women from small towns and major cities. Women who laugh, cry, fight, orgasm, suffer, dream, teach, love. The more they speak up, the more they uncover the absurdities, dangers and challenges women face simply by existing. And how do they manage the risks of being women? They manage together. They embark on a pilgrimage of reclaiming their own stories, dive into and are illuminated by other women’s stories, and reflect on the tension between the shadow and light of identifying as women today. What paradigms, assumptions and worldviews will you need to risk losing in order to join them?

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