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Experience Marianas: Preview

musical • dark • fight-the-system • girl power • identity • laugh-out-loud
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Watch the exciting preview of the new musicals Love in Hate Nation and Experience Marianas. This one-hour show will include musical excerpts from both new musicals, as well as conversations with the writers and creative teams. Experience Marianas: Experience Marianas is a wild rock musical adventure about one woman's journey to escape an oceanic cult. The piece is a high-octane, darkly comedic examination of systems of control and how we struggle to define our identities within them. The music is inspired by retro-flavored synths and New Wave rock Set aboard a ship, the show immerses our audience into the Marianas Institute, an aquatic ‘healing center’ founded by failed actor, Dr. Davis Johnson. We are indoctrinated into the group in real-time. "Informational sessions" start off completely plausible but get progressively wilder and more fantastical, complete with pyramid schemes, sex rituals, sea monsters, and eventually murder. Love In Hate Nation: A turbulent rock romance set in a 1960s Juvie Hall, Love in Hate Nation uses classic “bad girl” movies as the inspiration for the story of young people caught between eras of a changing America. Sixteen-year old Susannah Son is carted off to the National Reformatory for Girls to get her head put on straight. There she meets the aggressively incorrigible Sheila Nail, and a relationship forms which leads to an all-out “revolution in the institution” as they attempt to break out of the boxes society has created around them. Girl Group Wall of Sound harmonies are filtered through a punk rock spirit in this rebellious and romantic new musical.

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