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Don't Tell Grandma

dance • kid-friendly • adventure • family • music
Don't Tell Grandma Tickets London - at Chiswick Playhouse | Thespie
  • Chiswick Playhouse
  • Tube stationTurnham Green
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    Two sisters turn a trip to their Grandma’s into an all-singing, all-dancing adventure! Sneaking upstairs into the attic, the girls come across many exciting objects, family memories and let their fantasies run wild. The show features many songs you’ll recognise for the whole family to enjoy, Don’t Tell Grandma is full of imagination, fun, and two, not always perfectly behaved, sisters!

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    • Dates
      Ended 6 Jun
    • Price
    Direct Purchase from Venue
    • Location
      Chiswick Playhouse
    • Address
      2 Bath Road, Chiswick, London W4 1LW, UK
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