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Bronx Gothic

dance • performance art • coming-of-age • dating & sex • psychological • visually-striking
  • Filmed Performance
  • PSU Shattuck Hall Annex
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Bronx Gothic - | Thespie

A solo creation at the intersection of theater, dance and visual art installation, Bronx Gothic gives palpable force to the charged relationship between two girls on the verge of adolescence in the 1980s—where Newports are bought in singles at corner bodegas, and sex-saturated notes are passed in class. In a performance of psychic and physical collisions that threaten to break the body, it’s an unflinching look into the exquisite turbulence of one woman’s memory. Created in collaboration with designer / director Peter Born, Bronx Gothic draws inspiration from Victorian-era novels and West African griot storytelling to reveal an honest, dark and powerful tale of sexual awakening.

  • Duration
    1 hour 32 minutes

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