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19 November 2020

5 Questions with Rob McClure

Five Questions with Rob McClure

Tony nominated performer Rob McClure developed a love for musical theatre from an early age and has enjoyed a hugely successful career. A proud Philadelphian, Rob lives with his wife Maggie and daughter Sadie who he says, “newly reveals the world to us daily”. Rob will be celebrating Black Friday with the black flag of the Jolly Roger in a live immersive audio version of Treasure Island that’s suitable for the whole family.


Why did you decide to work in theatre?

I fell in love. I saw a community theatre production of Sweeney Todd when I was fifteen, which has a huge surprise ending. I remember thinking, “Tomorrow, there will be another audience here who doesn’t know that’s coming. I have to be there.” It ran every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two months and I saw every performance of that show. No turning back.”


Kindness means just as much as talent

What’s something that you've learned along the way that you use often?

That kindness means just as much as talent.

What experiences have shaped who you are and how you work?

Playing Chaplin on Broadway changed my DNA. Diving into his brilliant mind and body for 2 years altered my process in a way that I will forever benefit from. He had a way of creating that was profoundly brave. True innovation.

The arts are all about empathy and I can’t think of anything more valuable to do amongst the madness

What advice do you have for people wanting to engage with the arts during this difficult time?

Do it. Engage. The arts are all about empathy and I can’t think of anything more valuable to do amongst the madness, than spend time imagining what it must be like to walk in someone else’s shoes. It’s a vital but seemingly endangered skill. Playing “Make believe” fuels understanding. 

What kind of theatre would you love to see more of?

Stories created by talents and voices of those who have been held back by systems that for too long didn’t feel we wanted to hear them. We do. I do.