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fight-the-system • gender identity • girl power • play • unapologetic
  • Begins 22 Sep
  • Shoreditch Town Hall
  • Tube stationOld Street
I see you seeing me. What are you looking at? Why's no one talking about this? When's it our turn? Girls are done with stories about boys, done with stories by boys, done with all their looking. Girls want to take up space, take centre stage, take the patriarchy and smash it. Girls just want to have fun, right? You’re looking at me, I can see you looking at me. And I can see you’ve got no idea what it feels like to be seen Flies is about girls being looked at by boys. It’s about hitting puberty and being smacked by the male gaze. The power and the shame, the pleasure and the fear that flies around your body when you’re constantly being looked at. Flies started as a takedown of Lord of the Flies, it ends on a stage filled with young women.

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  • Dates
    Begins 22 Sep
  • Price Range
    £15.00 — £18.00
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