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Women's Writes: Online Festival

episodic • play • fight-the-system • girl power • hard-hitting • heart-breaking • laugh-out-loud • survival
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Women's Writes: Online Festival - Women's Writes Festival Website | Thespie

After sell out shows at The Arcola Theatre & VAULT Festival Women's Writes is back with the Online Festival. We've got a new line up of 5 short plays (10-15 mins) written by female playwrights including; Lily Bevan, Martha Watson Allpress, Rosanne Stewart, Alina Rios and Marylou DiPietro. More about the line up... 'Bride' by Lily Bevan (The french Welcome The Globe Theatre & Mock Tudor Theatre 503/Pleasance) is a hilarious take on self love. ' CALL ME MAYBE' by Martha Watson Allpress (Patricia Get's Ready for a Date, VAULT Festival) explores the complexities of love & human bonds. 'In Love with Cancer' by Marylou DiPietro is an incredible story of surviving breast cancer and the intricacies of the shame attached to our breasts. 'We are people too' by Alina Rios (Touch me for Nylon Fusion Theatre, New York) gives an honest depiction of Motherhood and finally 'Yellow Bricks' by Rosanne Stewart centres around a schoolgirl catcalled by a passing van, who uses it to find her power.

  • Duration
    75 minutes

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