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finland • opera • faith & spirituality • visually-striking
  • Filmed Performance
  • Ooppera Baletti
  • Free
Thaïs - Ooppera Baletti | Thespie

Monk Athanaël has seen the courtesan Thaïs, a famous beauty, in Alexandria, and has decided to convert her. He meets Thaïs at the house of Nicias, a friend from his younger days, and promises Thaïs eternal love and life. The monk’s words make an impression on Thaïs. The next day, she decides to destroy everything she owns and leave her old life behind. Athanaël takes Thaïs to a monastery, but he’s unable to forget her. In a vision, he sees Thaïs in the throes of death. Athanaël rushes to her and confesses that his pledges of eternal life were all lies: in reality he has lusted after Thaïs all along. The depraved woman has become a saint and the sacred man has turned into a sinner.

  • Age guidance
    Recommended for children over the age of 12.
  • Duration
    2 hours 15 minutes

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