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The Greek Myths have been a cornerstone of Western Culture for centuries. They continue to fascinate, educate and entertain audiences and readers across the ages. ​ As perhaps the first superhero stories, portraying timeless struggles between Gods, Men and Monsters, they are nevertheless deeply rooted in reality, conveying deep wisdom about the human condition which continue to resonate with us in the 21st Century. The Talking Gods Season seeks to honour these ancient tales by re-interpreting and re-imagining them in the present, communicating them in the most engagingly modern and original way possible whilst retaining the ancient truths within them which are as relevant today as they were when first told. The Talkings Gods Season are five snapshots of our modern world, filled with pathos and comedy, music and love, tragedy and loss - powered by the beating heart of dozens of the most timeless and enrapturing myths from Greek culture.

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