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On The Verge: [404] Not Found

play • community • science & technology • self-doubt
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  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
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On The Verge: [404] Not Found - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland | Thespie

Do you ever reach for your phone in the morning before opening your eyes? Are you so distracted it’s like your devices are following you around the house? Would you consider entering a competition to win your favourite influencers fingernail? Social interactions have always shaped our societies but with the unstoppable growth of social media is it getting harder for us as individuals to fit the mould? It’s true we live in an age with more possibilities for connection than ever before but we could be more disconnected than we realise. “[404] Not Found” is a dynamic collage of five individuals walking through life with their phones in their hands. Filtered through the social network, they wrestle with their own image, strive to recreate themselves, fight for their convictions, and search for truth. With a world of content at their fingertips they might find what they’re searching for or lose themselves entirely. Does our desire to stay connected bring us closer together or push us further apart? With social media as an ever-present mirror, are we truly seeing ourselves or are we distracted by a distorted reflection?

  • Age guidance
  • Duration
    35 minutes

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