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Così fan tutte

opera • conspiracy • dark • heart-breaking • psychological • satire
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  • Glyndebourne
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Così fan tutte - Glyndebourne | Thespie

The last of the three great collaborations between Mozart and librettist Lorenzo da Ponte, Così fan tutte is also the most sophisticated – a comedy that teeters right on the brink of tragedy. Scratch the sunny surface and this lyrical, Neapolitan farce reveals itself as a probing psychological portrait of human nature in all its complexity. A much-loved Glyndebourne classic, Nicholas Hytner’s staging finds both the charm and the darkness in Mozart’s opera. Iván Fischer conducts an all-star cast including Luca Pisaroni and Miah Persson. If you enjoy this performance, please consider making a donation on Glyndbourne's website.

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