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Black Tights

ballet • dance • heart-breaking • Paris • romantic
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Black Tights is a 1961 French anthology film featuring four ballet segments. La Croqueuse de Diamants translates as "The Gold Digger", or more literally as "the diamond cruncher". The story, a romantic comedy, opens in Les Halles. Amid the hubbub of street activity, a delivery man and a gold digger fall in love with each other, the latter leaving her criminal gang to go off with her new love. Cyrano de Bergerac is a tragic romantic story, based on the play of the same name. Both Cyrano de Bergerac and Christian de Neuvillette love Roxanne. But the poet Cyrano is too shy to declare his love to Roxanne. Instead, he helps his friend Christian woo Roxanne, writing love letters on his behalf. Deuil en 24 Heures translates as "mourning in 24 hours" or more loosely as A Merry Mourning. Along the Champs-Élysées, a wealthy man accompanies his wife on a shopping trip to buy a dress. A strange man flirts with his wife in a cafe. The husband challenges the flirting man to a duel, which the husband fatally loses. Carmen is the tragic story of the soldier Don José falling in love with the Gypsy Carmen. The plot of the ballet roughly follows the story of the opera with some variations in plot detail.

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