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play • dark • gritty • hard-hitting • mental health
Begins in 2 months (4 Jan)
Snowflake Tickets London - at The Space | Thespie
  • The Space
  • Tube stationMudchute
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    Snowflake: a very sensitive person. Easily offended by the statements and actions of others. Someone that is delicate, fragile, sensitive, and melts at the moment heat is applied. Snowflake is trapped in a cycle of trauma-but where did it come from? She’s struggling to find her way out. To not be trapped by it anymore. To honour these painful experiences. Experiences others don’t seem to have. Snowflake wakes up to a beautiful world of poetry through pain. A recounting of a difficult personal family history, and an examination of the struggles many face in the current world. This show is a look at how intergenerational trauma can surge up and allow us to connect and see others who are also suffering. We may not all be beautiful, delicate, unique little snowflakes—but are we allowed to speak about the things that hurt our hearts?

    • Duration
      1 hour

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    • Dates
      Begins 4 Jan 2022
    • Prices
      £12.00 – £15.00
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    • Location
      The Space
    • Address
      269 Westferry Road, London E14 3RS, UK

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