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A Modest Little Man

1940s • Britain • politics • witty
Begins 31 Aug
A Modest Little Man Tickets London - at Upstairs At The Gatehouse | Thespie
  • Upstairs At The Gatehouse
  • Tube stationHighgate
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    May 1945. Britain celebrates victory and cheers Winston Churchill. The people who fought the war want a better world. But the Labour Party is led by a nonentity – “a modest little man with plenty to be modest about.” He says almost nothing. He sits in his grey suit and puffs his pipe. One wit remarked: “An empty taxi drew up and Clement Attlee got out.” This play explores the question: how can the insignificant, passionless little Labour leader Clem Attlee possibly compete with Churchill?

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    • Dates
      Begins 31 Aug
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      £16.00 – £18.00
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    • Location
      Upstairs At The Gatehouse
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      1 North Rd, London N6 4BD, UK
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