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Thank You For Coming: Attendance

dance • experimental • immersive • mind-bending • unpredictable • visually-striking
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  • Danspace Project
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Thank You For Coming: Attendance - | Thespie

In Thank you for Coming: Attendance, the premiere iteration in Driscoll’s three part series, performers pass through ever-morphing states of physical entanglement and scenes of distorted familiarity, building new bodies, new stories, and new ways of being around a constantly constructed and re-imagined group experience. Intimately staged in the round, Driscoll crafts a heightened reality of observation, invitation and interdependence. As audience and performers increasingly find themselves becoming one, a beautiful and chaotic shared identity emerges, culminating in a dynamic ritual of action and transformation. Thank You For Coming is a series of works in which Driscoll extends the sphere of influence of performance to create a communal space where the co-emergent social moment is questioned, heightened, and palpable. Through each distinct iteration Driscoll is asking: How do we perceive ourselves as participants in the co-creation of our reality, and through performance can we collectively create a new vision of society?

  • Duration
    1 hour 13 minutes

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