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Annie - Novel

kid-friendly • musical • adventure • ambition • classic • family • New York City
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Annie - Novel - Kindle | Thespie

It's 1933 and for as long as she can remember, 11 year old Annie has believed that her mother and father would come back to her New York City orphanage to get her. But mean Miss Hannigan the headmistress is making Annie's life a misery. So she runs away to find her parents - and along the way she rescues a friendly dog, meets millionaire Oliver Warbucks, and has a many scary and exciting adventures. Will kind-hearted Annie find a way to escape her hard-knock life? Annie began in 1924 as the heroine of a comic strip cartoon called Little Orphan Annie. Her adventures ran in newspapers in America for over 40 years before it was turned into a Broadway musical.

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