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Our Values

As we build our platform, we are guided by a set of values that helps us recognise our unique potential, sitting at the intersection of artistry, community, tradition and innovation.

Our Values

Include & Engage Collectively

Everyone should feel welcome in theatres and when using Thespie, whether they've never seen a show or they've loved theatre for decades. Our team's varied perspectives help us build a more inclusive and welcoming Thespie.

Share Often & Openly

We share candid feedback frequently in all directions, and cultivate an atmosphere that welcomes every voice. We free our voices; listen; agree/disagree openly, and find solutions through discussion.

Dream Big & Build It

We dream big about what's possible, build toward that vision, and celebrate progress and learning at each milestone.

Cultivate Simplicity, Speed & Scale

We seek ways to continually hone our focus, make decisions more quickly, and build a habit of doing things simply, swiftly, and scalably.

Create Equitable Opportunities

We seek to challenge unfair and inequitable structures that exist in theatre. We build to counteract biases, and when creating new programs, are intentional about providing opportunities for people from backgrounds that are under-represented compared to local populations.

Movers & Makers

We seek team members with both aptitude and work ethic, who can commit to our mission, vision and culture, and will apply the full range of their unique gifts ("superpowers") to build Thespie.

Boldly Unconventional

We have a big, bold vision to build a utopian digital home for arts communities that does not exist today. As we grow, we have the courage to build business practices and language that reflects our values, sometimes in opposition to what might be considered standard.

Positive by Design

We recognise the value of positivity and optimism, and build platform features and team mechanisms that focus people's time and attention on positive sentiment, and avoid rewarding polarising or divisive behaviour.