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Our Purpose

Thespie was created out of two beliefs: First, theatre and the arts make the world a profoundly better place; and second, people will experience more theatre if we make it easier to discover and access.

For those like me who grow up in rural areas, our entry point to theatre is often digital—musical theatre albums, scripts, filmed performances—but what matters isn't the medium, but how we respond to it and where it fits in our lives. All of us have the opportunity to build a life punctuated by arts experiences. Experiences that shape our understanding of the world, ourselves and what it means to be human.

Thespie is built to facilitate that personal journey: giving you tools to discover all the great work being done by artists, theatre-makers and organisations. The current global disruption has kept audiences from coming together in person, but has also generated a wealth of digital theatre for everyone, including those who don’t have the means to be ‘in the room where it happens.’

As you explore our platform of live listings and digital resources, let us know what would help you better build your journey in theatre at [email protected]. We're building this for everyone, including you.

Tyler Stoops, Founder