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About Thespie

We’re your new home for theatre.

At Thespie we want to be the most trusted way to access theatre. So as theatre recovers from the global crisis, we’re working to help rebuild it in a way that’s better for artists and better for audiences, and helps kickstart the return of safe, live performance.

We help artists and producers sell tickets to their shows (without ticket agent fees), we help people find shows that match their interests, and we’re also big advocates for the inclusion of remote audiences using livestreaming and filmed performances.

More than 1,500 digital resources to experience and explore theatre and the arts

Trust matters in theatre.

Theatre has such a strong impact on us because we are willing to place our trust in performing artists and storytellers. Artists have been hit hard during the pandemic, so creating new ways to help them reach broader audiences and build visibility for their shows are some of our primary aims.

Creating a more direct connection, without all the middlemen, typically means better economics for artists as well, so we offer cost effective ways for artists to run their shows, across marketing, livestreaming, ticketing, and much more to come.

Theatre entertains, exhilarates, and inspires.

We believe in the power of theatre.

It entertains, exhilarates, and inspires, which we think a lot of people really need right now.

Our team is made up of theatre-goers just like you, looking to support the artists we admire, and inspire new generations of artists who will propel these historic art forms into the future. We hope you discover shows you love on Thespie, and experience some great theatre soon!

- The Thespie Team